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My Restored No. 23 and No. 36M Mills.


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These are my only British Mills grenades. I have obtained a 5" rod for the No. 23 Mk II, and a WW I type Mills cup for rifle attachment. I have a 2.5" discharger for the Enfield No. 1 Mk III* rifle. I am still tracking down a 2.5" gas check for my No. 36M for display with the 2.5" discharger.
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Well done! Nice collection of Mills bombs and kit.
What condition were they in before your restoration? Any photos??

The grenades were in very good condition. The No. 36M had a WWII zinc base plug with an off-center hole, which was not tapped. I obtained a base plug replacement in the UK. Thanks again, Andy!

Here is a picture of the 2.5" discharge cup and both grenades as adveritized by the seller to me. I swapped the parts around so that all the 36M parts were on the 36M (I hope!). My avatar shows the grenades prior to repainting the fadded colors.
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