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My Russian bombs


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Here my Russian WW2 bombs, from top:
-SAB-3M parachute flare. Tail missing - anyone???
-ZAB-2,5 incendiary, but a strange variation. Body has been painted red and on tail original stencilled markings have been painted over with original Russian field grey - this all looks original WW2 Russian to me, but for what purpose???
-Ordinary ZAB-2,5 incendiary
-2,5 kilos HE made of 45mm artillery shell. These bombs were usually mixed with incendiaries in dropping containers.


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Excellent pictures and items Reino.
There always appears to be very little Russian stuff collected so it is good to see some examples. Many thanks.
They all were delivered by air to our towns in 1939-44 but luckily didn't work.
What is the Fuze used on the Russian incendiary please!
Nice collection you have thanks for showing everyone them
Do you have a Russian copy of the German ECR (Normal electrical bomb Fuze )
That should be AM-A. Unfortunately the bomb is not with me now so I have to confirm it later on.
Thanks Jack there are a few of thse incendiaries on the market (John Carlin has one for sale ) But no fuze.
I checked it and can confirm the following fuzes on these bombs:
-AGDG-A on flare bomb
-HV3 ( XB3 ) on both small bombs.
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