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My small German bomb fuze collection


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It's my small german bomb fuze collection
There are Ladenkopf, fuze ( 55 ), Z 17 Bm , fuze 25 D.


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Hi Alex, thanks for showing them, very nice.

Just be careful, small collections grow into large collections really quickly so make sure you have plenty of room!

Sorry ive missed this post,it seems that new posts get lost very quickly when the forum is busy?
Nice collection so far Poiskovik. :) Keep up the good work and prepare to sacrifice everything in your new pursuit for fuzes as its very addictive!:neutral:


Yes of course, I have info abot them at work, but now I'am on vacation.
Ladenkopf used in container. For example AB 70. Ladenkopf has two electric wires with contact at the end. Contact fastened: 1st. to tike fuze 89B but 2nd to pyro device. Fuze and pyro device have different time delay and pilot could choose one of them. I have this container at work and I will make some photo for you.
Look there. There is Ladekopf with fuze 89B and zeitzunder 69.
And please ID this dispenser. This dispenser for SD-1 . Marking AB70-??? unknown model for me. But it's not AB70 D1, because there used Ladekopf with 89B and Zeitzunder 69. Any ideas?
And sorry for my mistake, not Ladenkopf but Ladekopf


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Thanks Alex for those pictures and write ups.
They are very much appreciated as im hoping to restore that Flare Dispenser ive pictured in another section. :) Now i can see how the fuze pocket will have to be made up.


Hi Poiskovik,
Not sure if this is what you have - certainly parts of it seem to match and the markings seem to be the same. This is the AB70-5, used for the dropping of SD2's with Stor-Zunder (67, 70A and 70B) . Different from the AB23 it has a square band around the tail fins and uses a type 89 fuze (as opposed to the 79 of the AB23)
Apologies for the quality of image, had to photograph it, no scanner as yet. Hope it is of some use Butterfly.
And please ID this dispenser. This dispenser for SD-1 . Marking AB70-??? unknown model for me. But it's not AB70 D1, because there used Ladekopf with 89B and Zeitzunder 69. Any ideas?

Hi Alex,
If you are still trying to identify your container, check out Madbombers post 'German Abwurfbehalter for SD1' under submunitions- I think this is the one you have!! Great photos again from Mad,
regards Kev
The only thing i can say about it that this AB only turns up on the
eastern front filled with 40x SD 1's.
It must bin taken in production some where at the end of 1944.
Look at my new fuze 89 B.
Interesting, my fuze has different mechanism. Look at the picture. Any ideas :eek:oh:


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2nd Z 89 D fuze add to my collection. I bought it with fuze pocket, only for 7 EUR. Best best best, I am very happy. :tinysmile_twink_t2:


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Alex, your "small" WWII German bomb fuze collection is so sweet. I am really getting to appreciate the WWII German bomb fuzes (although WWI is my thing). Actually I appreciate all collections that are welll presented and put together with collectors pride (the passion it takes to carefully assemble sets and sub sets). BOCN has taught me much, but nothing more important than respect for fellow collectors and their collections....Dano
Excellent pickup on the 89 for 7 euro Alex! Good on ya!

I see you have quite a liking for these 89's. :)