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My Stuff as requested


I have started to put some pictures of "my stuff" as the wife likes to call it in the Album in my Profile. Please take a look and let me know what you think.....
Nice set up you have there! excellent , Whats the story on all the M1s ?

Nice set up you have there! excellent , Whats the story on all the M1s ?


What can I say, I Like M1's!!!! :tinysmile_shy_t:

Seriously, about 11 years ago my wife got a very nice bonus at work so she told me "within reason" I could buy myself a gun for my Birthday. After I started to think about it, I had everything I wanted for carry/defense purposes. I had everything I wanted for competition shooting but, I had always had a love for US Military Rifles and the M1 in particular so I found one I liked and I bought it. My downfall was that I also bought a book about it and learned about all the different manufacturers and different parts, etc, etc.... So now I have 11 M1 Garands. From left to right in the picture they are.

1940 Springfield Armory
1942 Springfield Armory
1944 Springfield Armory
1945 Springfield Armory
1944 Springfield Armory (1946 post war rebuild)
1952 Springfield Armory
1956 Springfield Armory
1942 Winchester
1943 Winchester
1953 International Harvester
1955 Harrington Richardson

All but two of these rifles are correct for their vintage.
Thats an excellent selection, and the condition looks great on them all. The M1 Garand is not often seen here in NZ, Bet they are nice to shoot!
Are the M14 and M16 the real thing (Full Auto)?

Unfortunetly no. I have owned class III's in the past, an MP5 and a original Colt Commando 733 but, I sold them off a few years ago. I wish I still had them but, the money they generated was put to good use and with ammo prices being what they are, I doubt I'd be shooting them much anyway.....
Even so, nice rifles. Do you have any handguns?

How much damage do you think Obama will do to gun owners in the USA?
Nice collection.

VERY nice collection. If you had that collection in the UK they would all be deacts. Oh how i remember the good old days....Lets hope you dont end up with the same laws.
Nice collection you have there, i have got to get one of those doors...!
Best Weasel.