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My WW1 shell collection


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A few pics(at last!!!)of some of my collection-up to 4.5" caliber(I will post more pics of larger calibre and fuzes in the future.


  • WW1 Shells 007.jpg
    WW1 Shells 007.jpg
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  • WW1 Shells 008.jpg
    WW1 Shells 008.jpg
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  • WW1 Shells 009.jpg
    WW1 Shells 009.jpg
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    WW1 Shells 010.jpg
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Hi Richard,

Very nice collection, I would like to have the same !
The paintings are they original ? :tinysmile_eyebrow_t

Thanks for showing.

Very nice !

Well for someone who was having difficulties posting the pictures you have excelled, what a fine looking collection that is Richard.

Thank you for sharing with us :beer:

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
WWI shell collection

Hello Richard,

Thank you for letting us see your magnificent collection. I personally don't restore my ordnance but you have done a beautiful job.

Best regards,