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Mystery British fuze?


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Hi chaps,
Today at a stall i saw a British fuze,i think it may have been wartime??
All i remember is that it had `number 199` on it and i think a set of roman numerals?
should i go back and get it for possible trade with you lads?


it should look something like this then...
Always a good swop item, may even take it off your hands if its better than my example!
As long as the conditions good and the threads are still in one piece then its a good bet.

Thanks gents,i have a funny feeling that the bottom threads are missing though.
Shame,as i thought i might have been on to something!
cheers and best

If it gone 'bang' then I'd give it a miss unless you could pick it up for a couple of quid, even then I dont think you could make anything on it. Shame.