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Mystery Drill Projectile?


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Hi chaps,
here i have a proj for ID.
All i can tell you is that its 8 inch long and has no markings except for an arrow on the `shoulder`?
its 40mm diameter.

over to you


Have you seen saving private ryan ,theres one in the beach invasion,its a demolition charge that comes in segments you join them together and push through obstacles such as barbed wire ,it is the detonated clearing a path.Yours is the british one but they all look similar and do the same thing
Ah yes!,

now i know what you mean!:)
I thought it was some sort of experimental projectile!:laugh:

is it worth owt?


Ive got ref to these,never seen one in the flesh though. what is it worth Spot? For sale cheap?
It belongs to a buddy of mine,but he may sell if i twist his arm.
I just wanted to know what it was?

thank you for your replies and pictures gents

Hi Waff

I have the torpedo into my collection - hence missing the head - any chance your buddy might considering selling (or exchanging ) ???

Kind regards