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Mystery Mills Bomb


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I obtained this earlier in the year and have been wondering what to do with it. It is a Mills 36 body by BBC with a very odd lever and a trip wire tag attached. The filler plug is cemented in, indicating is was filled at some time. I have seen the lever shape before but can't for the life of me remember where. There are no threads cut into the body and the hole is 1.18 inches across. An unfinished body would not have the filler plug fitted. The body has been shellacked.

Any ideas anyone?



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The pin and tag are from the Tripflare Mk2/3, not sure about the lever though. Tony.
Primetime Mills

Hi John, very interesting Mills to say the least. Do you know the signifigance of BBC? Very nice piece for the collection. Caps off...Dano
Hi Dano

BBC is British Bath & Co from Greenford in Middlesex just outside London. I assume as metal casters they were able to take up casting grenade bodies quite easily. Their grenades do crop up from time to time but are not very rare. It's the only one I've got though.


Thanks for the info on the trip flare. I think I've got the tin for one of those somewhere!

Hi. Interesting item. Attached is a photo of the flare that uses the same pin. Cheers


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Thanks for the photo Colin. Yes that's the tin I have too. Maybe I should link the tag to the tin rather than the grenade?