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Mystery Shell Casing - Possibly Japanese??


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Hello Folks -

This is my first post..., although I have somewhat shhepishly admit that I believe I was regisrtered before and I have lost my login info. So, I'm starting fresh. I'm located in Upstate New York, about 300 miles from NYC and 80 miles from Niagara Falls, in the Hill Country!

Mostly collect WW1 era materials with emphasis on the bolt action rifles and accoutrements. Of course the helmets follow and yes there is a modest collection of ordnance. I would be glad to post some photos if that may be of interest. One is a WW1 era 75mm cut-away with a potion of the schrapnel still in place. Found it at a local show a year ago.

My mystery shell I picked up from..., yes, ebay. It looked interesting and was quite reasonable so I sprung for it. Hasn't arrived yet, so these are the best photos for now. It appears to be a two-piecer, is 9"s tall and looks to be 75mm (though I can't confirm). The photos show a couple of marks on the base, none of which I recognize. They remind me of the kanji found on the rifles, but that is just speculation.

I realize that I am missing some important specs, but wondered if anyone might recognize the markings?

Thanks for looking. I'll be popping in and out as the new finds arise!

- Best regards, Mike

Full shell


Basal mark 1


Basal Mark 2

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Hi Mike,
The cartridge looks to be a WW1 German 77mm, most 77's i have come across have been of brass construction but a few are made from two part steel and brass.. I dont have much information on these bi metal cases. I am sure one of the members will....I have seen a few variations of these over the years. Hope this is of some help.
Best regards Weasel.
Hello Mike,

Weasel is right with his answer. It's a german ww1 77 mm case made by Rheinmetall (see the mark in picture no. 3) in 1915 with lotnumber 21.

In my collection I have 3 versions of this calibre and 1 for the 7,5 cm Skoda Bergkanone (mountain-gun) and I know of cases for the 10 cm Kanone and the 10,5 cm Feldhaubitze.

Thanks for posting the photos because I'm very interested in these bi-metal german cases of ww1. Could you post some more pictures when it has arrived, please?

Will post pictures of my cases sometime this week... :smile:

Regards Arjen
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Weasel, Arjen -

Many thanks for your answers. They are most interesting and frankly quite amazing that these can be traced to such detail. I will be glad to post better pics when it arrives.

In the meantime I will put together some photos of the rest of my 'meager' collection. Last week I found a Brit "APCBC" anti-tank projectile (from my research a 57mm 6pdr.) in one of our local antique shops. It has a large '39' on the base.

- Best regards! Mike
Hello Folks -

Bi-metal arrived. Have posted pics in the cartridges section.

- Best regards, Mike
[ Last week I found a Brit "APCBC" anti-tank projectile (from my research a 57mm 6pdr.) in one of our local antique shops. It has a large '39' on the base.

- Best regards! Mike[/quote]

Now I know why I dont find any ordnance (cutaway shells, APCBC bullets, etc) when I hit the western NY antique shops. Too many people looking!