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N5 plug


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Found this plug on N23 Mills grenade but stamping N5?
I've found WW1 N 23 with very long rod


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I heard that some No5's were fitted for rods just before they were re numbered as the 23. this would explaing the markings on your plug and the threaded hole.
Hi nice plug, can you tell the diameter of the thread of the centre hole? Would a standard rod fit as i have heard that the No 5s used as rifle grens had a metric centre thread which was probably done in France. Dont think it would have been so fitted back in the UK. just a query?
Nice one Doc,
must have been one of the No5s they were experimenting with prior to the No 23. A lot of those plugs were made by Morum and Co. Very nice to see one by Western Electric. Bet its a rare one. I am envious.