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Naval Ordnance museum Gosport


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otherwise known as Explosion! excellent place, nice shells (including those 2 very rare 4.5 inch 8 cwt rounds) mines, torpedoes, packaging, guns etc - something for all the family!


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I went right passed this place on the way to look at the submarine museum a few weeks ago. Wish i had gone here now.
Naval Ord museum.(Priddys Hard)

I went to priddys hard with dave on Sunday,we also went to the submarine museum. Priddys hard is an exceptional place if you collect Brit ordnance.I took over 90 photos! and will be going back again soon.The shells on display are cracking,the only prob is the lighting is low level and makes hi definition pics a problem.I was most impressed by the ammo packing,ive attatched some pics. These crates are worth a few quid to us Brit collectors,if you could find them. Tony.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t