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Nb.hgr 39


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Evening Chaps ,, this came in last week, only the can :(
so it is on a spare nebel handle just for display purposes untill I locate a handle to match it up with and complete it. still a nice item even with the wrong handle though,



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the stick man

Jeeeensy, yoou have all the cool toys, nice find. Where do you come up with this stuff..Dano
cheers chaps,,,,,,

I actually found a handle for this M39 in my spare's box ,, wait for it,,,,the right stamp and date,,, infact the proper handle this would have come with from the factory,,,oh happy days :) well chuffed,,,but,,,, if that was not enough,,,another 2 HGR cans arrived and with the same makers codes,,basically all the grenades you see in the photo were made at the same factory same batch,,but purchased from different scources,,,,very chuffed by now, just need to find 2 more handles to match, mounted them on spare handles I have with right makers and year just not identicle to the makers stamp on the can. Regards Nick


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No wonder i can never find one ! you must have bought them all!:tinysmile_cry_t4:
Ha Ha.
Well done mate. Lovely grens.