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need a bigger car


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Good evening chaps,, after a excellent trip to the Ciney show I thought I'd better post this one,
I collected this for a UK buyer who bought it from a mate of mine in Germany, As it was a tad to big to post also it possibly might arouse customs I said yeah I'll collect it, without even seeing it :eek:oh:,
I only drove there in a little three door fiat punto. it used nearly the whole bloody boot :wink:. But glad i did as it as a very nice item.
sorry bout the Moet chaps but its all I had left in the wine cellar :tinysmile_tongue_t:


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Hello Bolo ,yes it does weigh a bit,, driving back was like permanent aquaplaining in my little old punto :tinysmile_eyebrow_t
soon as the missus looked at it at home she asked if she could collect these, as i collect grenades it only seemed fair............................... is there a wife for sale area on the forum? ooopps gotta go, she's calling me to do the ironing :tinysmile_shy_t:
Hi Jeeeensy,

I didn't know they where selling that small bottles of Moet :cheers:
next time when you are there drop a mail we can have a beer.

Nice piece.
Aye up Waffy,, it's actually a trench mortar, the small version of the 1mtre big brother. How the heck you load it and dont loose any fingers beats the ,,, out of me. I'll get some clearer info from my freind and post it.

Regards and sunburt
I flogged a ww1 german version last year at Beltring and i had to hump it through all that mud in a trolley so i appreciate how you struggled with the bugger!:eek:

Seems to me like a German first world war 25 cm Schwere Wurfmine, if the base is secured to the body by copper shearing pins it is a chemical projectile.
Sorry I should have said it was WW1 German, it is a solid item with no pins and 100% inert. phew!
Nice looker

That does look like a nice item-what does it weigh and did you have to crane it into the Punto ? How did you manage to get it out ?
do you have a picture of the fuze?
best regards


I founded this about the shell :

For gas shell, it is black with three white lines, loaded with phosgen gas. Fuze Z.s.u.m.W.M. only (eye 58mm).

For explosive shell, they were grey with (or without) black lines.
There were two possibilities : fuze Z.s.W.M. for 77 mm eye or fuze Z.s.u.m.W.M. for eye 58mm.