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Need a shell i.d`in


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i have just got a round but im not sure of what it is, its been fired and disarmed by bomb disposal, it has light green paint in places and rifling marks from the barrel, it has hit something and damaged the fuze !
Any idea`s


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76.2 mm ARMDC SMK BE

Hi Panzerknacker you have a 76.2mm A.R.M.D.C. Base Ejecting Smoke projectile.
It will most probably be Fuzed with a "390" fuze with a late mark,3/4 or 5.
See attached picture.

The "tell" is the coarse rifling very similar to an 18 pounder.


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shell id

I'd say it is a smoke shell judging by colour and construction and time fuze, but without any indication of calibre it could be 76mm, 105mm, or something else.
Approximate dates

thanks chris, do you know what era it is ? 19??

Hi Panzerknacker as for the date it will most likely be from the 1970's era as they have not been scrapped for all that long as a lot of the practice rounds started appearing in scrap yards some 4 to 5 years ago. with a bit of TLC and a new nose cone you have the makings of a nice collectors item there!
And you even have some original paint to copy the colour (unlike my old one!) and the rear threads appear to be in good condition as the "blow out base plate" is designed to strip and not the shell body which is made of a higher grade steel.
Attached a picture of the standard Practice Tracer projectile.


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so is it ww2 ? i got the impression from the paint it was post war ! 19?? to 1970,
also is it british ? thanks stu
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well if it`s after ww2 then i may be interested in selling or swaping ! thought it would make a nice display piece for some-one to burry it a bit and make out you have been shelled near you`r fox hole e.t.c !?!
76 smoke

Wrote my first reply before Chris id it but pc was slower in getting it posted. On the body above the band there should be identity markings including 76 SMK probabley an SX number , the maker code letters and the month and year of manufacture. You could try a magnifying glass to look for them in good light or fine sand paper to take off the surface rust going slowly through it until markings appear.