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Need help to identify a mine


Hopefully someone can point me in a good direction to identify a mine. This one was found in some disrepair and has begun to degrade. There was no fuze in the fuze well.

Description: Olive drab/green body with yellow markings. There is a swinging arm that appears to cover the fuze well and swing out of the way when planting the mine.

Visible markings: MINE A - GHT, T7 There are some characters that are not legible.


17.5 cm in length
6.0 cm in height
12.0 cm width

The information that I am looking for would include the proper British or Canadian designation for this mine so that I can find the proper vintage pub.

Not at the moment. I may have photos of the mine after my leave is up if they've been put into the computer at work.

I believe it too be an anti-veh mine as it has an HE filling and seems to be blast only.

It is rectangular in shape.
The only mine i can think of is a AT mine M7 Us with those Dimensions:

17.5 cm in length
6.0 cm in height
12.0 cm width


  • Anti voertuig mijn M7A2  met M603 ost.jpg
    Anti voertuig mijn M7A2 met M603 ost.jpg
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That looks pretty good. The one we have is pretty messed up and without a fuze but that is a very good match. Is it American?