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I've been collecting since 1996 and this was one of the grenades on my hit list. Luckily it was just donated for use in my training class. Of course, it's the US Shinkle grenade from 1919. Not too many of these floating around and from what we have seen, they usually only appear in a few East Coast states.

Once I have the time, I will x-ray it and post those too.


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Eodtek,.. the red is the old training color. You were not digging in the Edison, Woodbridge, Metuchen areas of New Jersey were you? Lots of that stuff was abandoned and buried at Raritan Arsenal, NJ, USA, post WWI.

Eodtek,.. the red is the old training color.


Nope, that red is rust photographed in a photobooth using color correct lighting.

It did come from NJ but farther down in the state. The only other ones that I have ever seen have come from MD in the Baltimore area.