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New Aquisition !!! Bloody Heavy !


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The barrel for one of these German WW1 Mortars, used for gas and concrete HE projectiles. Wooden, wire wrapped--- just like the 15th century !


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almost as big as the supository my missus had once!
did i really say that!
I've lost all my pencils ~

In 1919 the CEF brought back all of the captured German Machine guns, Cannon , well pretty much every thing including a Junkers ground attack aircraft and an AEG Bomber (we still have these). Lots of the guns went to War memorials. The War Museum had I believe four of these monsters, one is complete. The others were just barrels, and they deaccessioned the barrels ( a pain in the A-s for sure they were) and this is one. There are serial number records of where these were captured and by whom, but I don't know if this has a number, or if it did on a plate, that is gone now.

What will I do with it ? A - possibly trade it to a worthy institution if any are interested (feel free to tell any if you know one interested - shipping will be frightful unless it's a Government job) B- use it as a fine Decorative Thing of beauty ! --
Todays Quote - " Have you no Restraint - can you never say No" said the person here with absolutely none of those qualities!-----
I said it's a thing of Beauty - you always said you liked the Primitive - becareful what you ask for ~