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New arrivel german Mortar 7,62 cm WW1


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Here are my new arrivel it come today with the postman !!
A german WW1 light mortar shell 7,62 cm with fuse l.W.Z dr 2 and saefty pin !!
There are different typs of light mortar round my modell is called Erna
the names are standing for the different Modells of this shell ! Erna ,Ana ,Lotte !!!
Specialy for my round does it means with screwed top part on !!!

Best regards David
here are the pics plus discribtion !!!

Enjoy it !!

My girlfriend ,,Erna :tinysmile_fatgrin_t

best regards David


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Middle hole !!

on the Bodem side there are this buster holes but what have to be in the middle hole a closing plug or anything else ??

Help required

thanks bst regards David
thanks doctor

thanks doctor i will see may i find this primer !!

best regards David

Great shell Dave, Appears to be in really fine condition. Wish we could get these over here..Dano
thanks Dano

yes my friend its in good conditions only the orignial color is not there i will see when some stamps and marks are visibel i will not repaint it otherwise i think to do this !!

Best regards David
Very Nice Indeed

I used to have this one, Old model light, also had New Model light -


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this drawing may be of interest to you


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Thanks Spotter

thanks spotter realy cool this drawing i got now so many informations great help this forum a lot of thanks to all of you !!

best regards David
No idea its from a part document i have on my computer and theres no title pages,cant remember where i got it from
There are several ways to do high/low pressure, it is never realized how much barrel weight was saved doing it this way, plus the advantage of quicker and easier loading.
Nice looking round, congrats
Here are some found by some hard working gentlemen here in Europe. Not as nice as Dave's, but very hard to find with the original paint (and fill).


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yes Der Feldgraue

Thats realy good in this forum a lot of people with knwoledge and nice stuff ,pics and drawing roaming around here !!
Allways very good to post some stuff here to get infos on it !!

Thanks to all

wbr David