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New Finds... Mills No.36M & Detonator Tin


BOCN Supporter
Here are a couple of my latest finds from the Ottawa Military Show this past weekend.

The first find is a chromed Mills No.36M Mk1 lighter (all matching). The casting is marked "M" and the base or plinth is broad arrow marked with inspecton marks. Because of the markings on the base, I'm thinking that this may have been an "official" armoury made presentation piece.

The second is a Canadian 1943 Mk.V Detonator tin (made by GSW). A really nice rectangle tin for 12 detonators. 100% original with intact paint, original markings and "sticker" on the lid. Unfortunately the internal wood block is missing (but I'm sure that one could made quite easily).

Can anyone identify the acceptance marks on the base of the Mills?



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Hi Brad,

a damned nice find, both the gren and the det tin, am envious. Hope they didnt cost an arm and a leg. Ime sure as Tom will confirm, the M is Montreal Munitions i think but i cannot help with the markings on the underside.
I have 3 'lighter conversions, all different but all were Mk 2 grens with the steel base plug. One has even been ground down all over to make it smaller and an easier fit in the hand, which is a shame as its really mullered the body and now dosnt compare to yours. Nice finds.

Presentation grenades

An EOD unit that I had contact with used to deactivate 36 grenades have them polished and nickel plated. These were presented to members on completing there tour with the unit. Must be a number of "official" 36 presentation grenades about.
high tides

Very nice Mills items indeed Brad. Looks like you've been busy. that 36 is a beauty. How cool is that. Great finds..Regards...Dano
Thanks Andy & Dan.
I think I got a good deal.
The chromed Mills lighter was $60 CDN (about 34 GBP) and the detonator tin was only $30 CDN (about 17 GBP).
Having missed out on a similar detonator tin on feebay two weeks ago (it sold for $135 CDN or about 80 GBP), I thought that $30 CDN was a good deal and snapped it up as soon as I saw it.

This is the third Mills lighter in my collection. The first is a JGW No.36 Mk1 and the second is a Chatco No.36M Mk1.
The JGW is a nice WW1 piece (a No 36 Mk1, not a No.36M) and has a matching JGW base plug and lever.
Unfortunately the base plug on the Chatco has been screwed in level with the base of the casting and fixed in place with extra strength thread locker (the red stuff). It does have a matching Chatco lever. A while later I was lucky to pair it up with a matching Chatco ashtray (again with a mathcing Chatco lever). They make a nice matched pair.

I think the Canadians had a liking for the chromed presentation models. I recently bought a pristine chromed Frost & Woods 36 that was minus a base like Brad's but had all the correct bits with it. The Canadians made very good quality Mills bombs.