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New reference book: U.S. Military Small-Arms Ammunition Lot Numbers 1928-1945

This reference book has been many years in the works. There are plenty of books on cartridges and casings, but this is an entire book on the packages and lot numbers for the ammunition! I am the author and have had some amazing support from ammunition and ordnance collectors to be able to complete this reference - many of them on this forum.

U.S. Military Small-Arms Ammunition Lot Numbers 1928-1945 is the complete history of U.S. military small-arms ammunition production by factory and lot number. This reference book is a consolidation of the Ordnance Field Service Bulletins 3-5 (OFSB 3-5) that were released in the 1930s and 1940s and has never been consolidated in one reference book until now. Also covered are the specific markings of the packages and boxes, with factory production lot numbers for cartridges .30 caliber carbine and rifle, .45 caliber, .50 caliber, and .60 caliber. Cartridge types included in this reference are Ball, Armor Piercing, Tracer, Frangible, Blank, and Incendiary. Factory lot numbers have been assembled for the years 1928 through 1945, for all of the twenty-four munitions production facilities, before and during WWII, including the Denver Ordnance Plant, Lakewood, Colorado; Eau Claire Ordnance Plant, Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Evansville-Chrysler Ordnance Plant, Evansville, Indiana; Lake City Ordnance Plant, Independence, Missouri; Remington Arms Company, Ilion, New York; and Winchester Repeating Arms Company, New Haven, Connecticut. This book is photo heavy with examples of ammunition crates, ammunition cans and boxes, label markings, bandoleers, and color codes. This book is 283 pages and full color! This book is a perfect addition to the reference library of a WWII enthusiast, and for historical identification and documentation by firearms or cartridge collectors, or avid historians.

Here is the link for purchase on Amazon worldwide (feedback from UK buyers is from order to delivery is less than a week):


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