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paul the grenade

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Hi all.
Is anyone going to the show at Newark this Sunday?
Me and Spudgun will be there. Would be good to meet up with other BOCN members for a pint and chinwag.
Cheers, Paul.
hi paul i will be going to newark also birmingham the sunday after how will we identify.
we should arrive about 10 and i'll be wearing my Bocn Polo shirt.
I shouldn't be to hard to spot.:tinysmile_grin_t:
Cheers, Paul.
how to spot Paul

G'day Paul just to make sure you should carry the Times newspaper under your left arm and have a bright red M36 stuck to your lapel :tinysmile_shy_t:
Regards from OZ
Ill be at Watford but Newark would be best, thats as long as there are not too many trees down in this gale we are having at the moment, im only going because its local and have some business to attend to, otherwise its a waste of time!
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OK, next question. Where exactly is tomorrow's Newark fair??

The organizers are not keen to give too much detail and Google-maps is ambiguous - either it's a gable-roofed building in the middle of an air-field near Winthorp, or it's a large tin shack off Pelham street in Newark itself. Or maybe neither.

Further deatails for a public-transport traveller would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi Mate.
Its at the
Cedric Ford Pavilion - Newark Showground
Its well signposted from the A1, A46 etc. You should have no problem finding it.
see you there, Paul.