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newest arrival

Was going through Great War Militarias sales list and found a US 75mm projectile, I already had a proper m1907 scoville fuze with adaptor, and the shell arrived today and (with a little persuading) got the fuse to fit. I paid 65.00US for the projectile and 15.00US for the fuze with adaptor. Now that's economical. Dano


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Nice going Dano!
That's a great looking piece. Can you post some close-up photos of the fuze for the rest of us to drool over.

hi Dano

hi Dano nice find i will look nice in your trench !!
May you find the brass shell for it too !!

Regards David
better shots

Hey Brad, With the limitations of my fine %&&#@@$ camera, this is best I can do, which is a shame because that is 1 choice model of 1907 scoville, but heres best I can do. And Dave I was wondering what brass shell case would be for this shell, would it be the French 75 (which i've been told would be right for WW1 period, or a US one? Dano


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best pic

This is about the best picture that my POS camera can muster. so here goes. Dano


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