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No 12 hairbrush, opinions

panzer 1

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I would like some opinions on this No12, just to see what you think of it.
sorry the pics arnt to good i will try to do them better.
panzer 1


  • No 12 grenade.jpg
    No 12 grenade.jpg
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    No 12 grenade 001.jpg
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    No 12 grenade 003.jpg
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Can you post a picture of the reverse? As you know these have been widely copied and 'aged'. Difficult to tell from your pictures.
I would be very surprised if this was not a very good reproduction, to my knowledge, there are very few real ones of these in private hands. Try this link on Darryl's website : http://members.shaw.ca/dwlynn/no12/no12.htm
A few years ago someone made up a quantity of No12's and No 44 anti tank grenades too. some got he ageing process and were passed off as originals. The only ones i have seen have been in museums and one or two long established collections. FYI. about thirty years ago when I started collecting, I could have bought an original complete but in a bit of a state for 30 ! :tinysmile_cry_t4: unfortunately at the time I was only earning 27 a week, so it was out of the question, hope this all helps, regards, Tony.
No 12 grnd,

Thanks for the comments on the grenade, i will take some photos of the back of it and post them for you to see.
No 12 grnd back

Hi Burney Davis,
i have put some pics of the back of the grnd on but they have not come out to good again. so hope they are ok.
I will have to change the camara.


  • No 12 grenade 2.jpg
    No 12 grenade 2.jpg
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  • No 12 grenade back.jpg
    No 12 grenade back.jpg
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  • No 12 grenade back2.jpg
    No 12 grenade back2.jpg
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I have read the link you put on and find it very interesting, learn something every day. the grnd i have shown was sent to me as a gift, after the death of a friend i thought i would show it to find out what others thought as i am on expert in this type of grnd.
panzer 1. dave.