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No. 30 Mk I Grenade


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A couple of photos of one of my last aquisitions.

NOMENCLATURE: Grenade Hand or .303 Rifle No. 30 (Humphries' Pattern)


TYPE: Percussion, Rodded

FILLED WEIGHT: 21.25 ounce with 5.75 inch rod

EXPLOSIVE CONTENT AND WT OF EXPLOSIVE: 1.25 ounces Ammonal, Alumatol, Amatol

PRINCIPAL DESIGN FEATURES: Small oval cast iron body with threaded boss to receive the detonator in a central channel and also a wing not forming the attachment for the rifle rod when used. Fitted with a ball and cone type of"Allways" fuze, using a safety tape, and covered with an alloy cap before use. Ignition by percussion cap and No. 6 Detonator.


1 Still under consideration at
the end of the war, and not
finally accepted for service,
although a number had been
issued for troop trials in
1917 and 1918.

Very nice rare item, I have only seen one in a museum. It's good to think that these items are out there and still turn up from time to time, thanks for sharing the pics with us, Tony.
Thanks, I was surprised it turned up but was very pleased it did :cheer: Very lucky on the price as well. I had to add a 5.5 inch rod, which fortunately I happened to have. Now all I need is an original tape and cap. Ok so I am dreaming..........
There's nothing wrong with dreaming it's what makes us enjoy collecting so much :laugh:

Great grenade :woohoo:
Investment wrote:
There's nothing wrong with dreaming it's what makes us enjoy collecting so much :laugh:

Great grenade :woohoo:
And not only that, but I bet there will be one out there somewhere !:eek:hmy:
No 30 Grenade

A couple of photos of others just to show that the one previously for sale on milweb (shown in the next post below by spotter) post looks genuine and a sectioned version to show what the innards should look like.

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The attached images were sent to me by James Thomas to share with bocn members


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