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no.36 late issue (all inert)


Herewith, photos shewing more views of UK. gren. Body stamped 'Q5' - Do it look genuine?


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Heres a 1971 dated drill gren painted the later light blue instead of white.
the body is marked IBR and has the military broad arrowhead stamp on the frag just under the filler screw. the centre tube is stamped witha Z and the lever is stamped ROF (P)
cheers, PAUL


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Thanks Paul, but is it a genuine item? And what the Hell is the story on the Indian?? gren. - any idears! Would welcome your assistance on this as you are well clued-in. Best regards, Ron.
Ive no idea if it is all genuine as mills are so easy to swap componants about. I thought it might have been an old 2ww gren the army repainted but there are no signs of white paint anywhere and i have another IBR body which is dated 1958 and has all its matching parts so it may be a later casting. The blue paint certaily looks old and is a good match to my L3 practice grens.
Hopefully someone will know.
As to the indian one i have no idea as ive only seen Pakistan examples. Looks good though.
Cheers, Paul.
Gren 36

Thanks Paul for reply and have been to your Web site - fantastic - how long have you been collecting - 20 years plus? The Indian gren came with a 1915 No.3 or 3a gren that is chromed - can post image if you wish. Regards, Ron
30 years now Ron. but with a gap in the mid to late 80's when i went of to art college and had no money for years!
I have the original reciept for my first grenade somewhere. I'll look it out tonight and post it to show the prices 30 years ago.
Cheers, Paul.