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No 36 MK1

Pictured here on lower row is a British #36 MK1 body that I will need to be kitting out sometime in future. I like the paint on it (which I do realize is probably a later add on), and I just don't give a s__t if internals match. Oh hell, I don't care if anything matches. I just want to end up with a displayable #36 MK1. I'm a trader at heart and just thought i'd throw that out there..Dano


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Hi Dano,
Look in my playground album,pick up lots of these,some with half decent threads,side plugs & handles too! Any good to you?
Cheers Tony
U D man

Thanks Tony, but just ordered internals, handle, pin, and base plug from dugup. so that'll complete it, now i'm always looking for #5 and such, so I will have a look. Man you are the best Tony, I feel like we've been lifelong friends although we've never met. 2 cool bud, you're making my WW1 collection make a comeback, and these things never go un-appreciated. Don't know what else to say but THANKS.....Dano
36 body

Here is Pic of WWII NO36 MKI Mills bomb body as came in mail for 30gbp (inc. postage). Will re-post when parts arrive as I think she'll make a "beaut" (fill plug is intact). Nerve racking business, waiting on the postman every day.....Dano


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#36 mki

Thanks Paul, Yes there is a "G" on segment just below fill plug. Can the "G" be attributed to a maker??..Dano
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Canada Eh

Hi Spotter, thanks for info. I had assumed since I got it from England that it was British. Canadian is okay with me. Again thanks..Dano


To get a perfect No 36 by Galt, you need a lever by ChatCo and a baseplug by S Joseph Stokes Rubber Company in Ontaria. All these makers were in Ontaria.

Nice grenade.

Nice grenade in good nick. I have a very similar one, and it's the only Canadian one I have. Still stands out in my collection. Cheap too. I think it cost around 45 complete with Chatco lever and S Joseph Stokes base plug. Should look very nice when you're done


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#36 mki

Nice Mills pointblank0, looks great. I've caught on that the red X's and green around the center meant some sort of live filling designation? Could you expand on that as thats about all I know, and were these markings also present on WW1 #36 MKI grenades, or are the markings WWII only?..Dano
Hello mate. The red crosses were used on M models as filling bands showing it was live and sealed for use in moist climates. The green band shows what explosive it is or was filled with. Green band is Baratol, TNT, Trotyl or Amatol.

The crosses changed from the 5s and 23s and early 36s which had a full red band round the top, early ones having the whole top red. I think any M version had the crosses. Some had crosses and dashes indicating that the sealed explosive content was good for a year and used for temperate conditions.

Save the link below, you'll find it quite useful and it's a very good and straight forward reference for British grenades espesially Mills bombs.

Take care mate
Hi Dano,
hope alls well with you bud.

During WW1, the No 36 Mk 1 was marked with a red band around the top of the gren, usually down to and including the filler screw indicating a live gren and had either a pink or a green 1/2 in band around the centre to denote what type of filling.
The No 36 M Mk 1 [M stands for Mesopotamia a campaign it was needed for] was designed for tropical condidtions and duly treated and waterproofed. It was marked with the 3 crosses on each side and a coloured central band. I think that if it was filled with cilferite, there may not have been a band but could be wrong here. Subsequently, this became the norm and the No 36 Mk 1 was discontinued and the entire production turned to the No 36 M Mk1 and continued till production ceased in 1972.

Thats about it really Dano, hope this helps.

that splains it

Thanks pointblank0 and gothica7, that certainly answers my questions. that linked up site is really comprehensive and interesting and i'm learning alot, all's pretty good Andy, glad to hear about your successful shark fishing trip, must of been a blast. Best...Dano
Galt Mills

I forgot to add the centrepiece would be by S Joseph stokes as well.

No5 mki

Still waiting for the ##%%%#@@ parts to arrive for the NO36 MKI, in the mean time I did get a NO5 MKI from BOCN member gothica7 via SA. It is a relic body with full internals etc..and I love it. This one is only going to get clear coated and thats it. This is the way I like 'em..Dano


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At the Detling Military Odyssey this weekend there was a Belgian dealer who has 16 of these Galt 36's. All in near mint condition. 55 each. I was going to buy some but when I went to the stall just after lunch yesterday he had packed them in a crate to take home so I missed my chance. I do have one I bought about a year ago so there must be a good supply from somewhere.

Ive seen a lot of these galt canadian mills for sale and they all look mint. On close inspection they were drill grens with the holes welded up and ground off. The only visible marks they had been altered were inside, you could see the welds. So buyers beware when purchasing these grens. They may not be as they seem. Have a very good look before buying.
Hi Paul,

none of the Galts i have seen and ive seen a few had the 5 holes of a drill/training gren, only 2 which were welded up on either side of the body. When i have sold any, this has been explained.
Do you know of any drill grens with just the 2 holes?
I think these holes were made in the deactivation process as all the Galts seem to have them. Anyway, its still a Mills and in my mind, pretty good value for the money.
Rumour control has it that they were dumped in lakes in Holland after WW2 and have been recently found in excellent condition and refurbished.

Hi Andy.
Heres a galt drill with 2 holes. 1 either side. Unfortunately it has a Vadis base plug.
That why i presumed all the welded ones ive seen are refurbished drills.
Cheers, Paul.


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