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No.58 MK I tail pistol, who can help????


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Hello again,
here are 2 images of the No.58 MK I tail pistol, stamped with " No.58 MK I M.H.L.L. 1944 ". So far so good. My question is about the steel top mount for a spindle type arming device on this fuze. I have seen 2 of them so far, both here in the US. The steel construction is riveted to the fuze body. My sample in the MTRC collection is definitely original as shown. I don't have any drawings and paperwork or other info regarding this mount. Can anybody help with this?
Is this may be US modified (since they used the No.58 fuzes too) for certain bomb types?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mrfuze, USA


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Midgley Harmer M301 - Pistol No 58

Here is one of Albert Midgley's drawings of the 58 Pistol. His firm Midgley Harmer Limited London made your fuze and expect Midgley invented it.


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Thanks guys,
is there any drawing or description of the Disney bomb, which could give the conclusion, the fuze was used with the steel top arming spindel housing???
Mrfuze, USA

The following info came from: http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=4285.0

The Disney bomb was a ~4,500 lb rocket assisted concrete/armor piercing bomb. Designed to be dropped from 20,000 ft, a tail mounted set of rocket motors would ignite at 5,000 ft accelerating the weapon to a high impact velocity. The forged and hardened steel cylinder body with a sharply pointed nose contained about 500 lbs of Shellite (similar to US explosive composition D). In the base of the bomb, two British No. 58 Pistol fuzes were mounted. The tail unit attached to an adapter plate mounted to the base of the bomb. Two suspension lugs were bolted to the bomb casing. The tail unit contained 19 3 rockets bundled together weighing about 900 lbs. Each motor contained 12.5 lbs. of cruciform shaped flashless cordite rocket propellant SU/K/X. An M111 mechanical time fuze activated a switch allowing electrical ignition of the rocket motors that was powered by a wind driven generator mounted on a conical fairing at the tail. The bomb was carried on external racks. Individual pullout wires were used to arm the M111 time fuze, the pistol fuzes and to allow free spinning of the wind generator. USSTAF Armament Memorandum No. 3-133, 28 January 1945, p. 1
Best regards,


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Disney Swish;

Here is a video of it.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3IgDYs9MSk"]YouTube- Disney Rocket Bomb[/ame]

Take a look [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjQr0M-8i1M&feature=related"]here[/ame], some friends worked on this bomb blocked in an old bunker (france), and no explosed.