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No. 65 Fuze


Hi Everyone,
Just thought I would share the photos of my latest find with you all, it is a No. 30 Dated 2/41 which has been restamped a No. 65. It was found with the transit cap attached, & the cardboard packing disk still inside! Unfortunately the spring had turned into dust, but I will get a repro made to suit. It took a fair bit of cleaning, but it came up a treat.

Thanks goes to Invest for his hunting tip on where to look!


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Restoration job !

Hid 50 cal

Very nice restoration job !
What is it you use to shine up the Brass like that ! (Phosphoric acid ?)

Keep up the good work and well done !
Restoration job

Hi Chris 42 RQ,
I used a mild solution of hydrochloric acid & fine stainless steel wool to get rid of most of the dirt & tarnish, then used a loose leaf mechanical buff with some brasso to finish off. The inside of the transit cap & the fork are as found, as they were still shiny when i removed the cap!

Cheers, 50CAL.