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No 76 SIP Grenade


Ordnance Approved
Ordnance approved
Here's a picture of a No 76 SIP (Self Igniting Phosphorus) grenade recovered recently.

They were issued to the Home Guard and contained benzene and phosphorus.
The idea being when they broke open the phosphorus ignited the benzene.

SIP grenade.jpg
Thanks for posting the photo. I guess its the closest ill come to seeing one! Did you find it in the netherlands or the UK? Was it on its own?
Some former collegues recovered them in the UK and i believe there were quite a few.
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Do you know what is the rubber for ?


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The length of rubber (3.5 X 1 inch) in the bottle gradually dissolves making the contents tacky which assists the liquid contents in sticking to the target
The piece of (crude) rubber, over time is dissolved by the benzene. This is to give it an adhesive quality.