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No22 Rifle Grenade


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The No22 is a rodded rifle grenade ,it enterd service mid 1917.Also known as the \"pippin\" grenade it consists of a segmented cast iron body and used a 15\" steel rod to project it from the rifle
Markings:Red filling ring,and pink or green band to indicate type of filling
Greetings all,

I have been looking for a nice No. 22 for a long time, mostly only finding dug examples etc etc, never with the striker cap or only with the remenants of the cap. The previous photo is of the Mk. 1 version, and yesterday I finally found a decent example of the Mk. 2 version, with the cap. Note, original paint, and the cap. Thought you might like to see it.:)

Another very nice find. You must be pleased with it as you said they are hard to find in this condition. I have a mint one, body only,(no cap or fuse) nicely stamped Elmbank 1916, but it's not handy to take a picture of. I will have to see if I can find it. Tony.