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No23 MK1 Mills


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Id been wanting a No23 MK1 Mills. And Id been wanting a cutaway Mills. And finally I got both of those wants in one item(the grenade is wearing a No 5 plug in the photos as the K star plug it came with is in the plug section of the collection). What you can see in the photos is a regulation sectioned Mills but it also has the slice that was cut out which Ive never seen befor. Judging from the patination (read: rust) on the cuts this was done a long time ago and not by a recent collector. Ive cleaned up the cut edges to bare steel on the grenade body for display purposes but left the edges as found on the cut out section. The cuts must have been made with a wire saw as the piece removed has a fairly tight fit. The grenade body still has traces of the red paint around the top and traces of the pink filling band around the waist so it must have been live at one time. The fuze is a burst live one and not a drill issue. Ive read (probably in Rick Landers book) that when factory made instructional Mills werent available (those nice boxed sets) armourers would make their own. Maybe this is one of them.


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No. 23 Mk II

Very Nice..... :top:

Here is my MkII cutaway.