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No75 Mk3 Pistol


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Received this very nice mint No75 Mk3 Tail Pistol today complete with tin.
I THINK going by the stampings this is a reworked No70 Mk3 (this needs confirming please)
The bottom grey section is stamped 6/70 MK3 CRB *
Then also stamped P 75 MK3 RML12/52
Any additional info e.g what used with ,when used etc please feel free to add to this thread
regards spotter


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Hi Alan the pistol you have is the P75 allright but the RML12/52 is the year of manufacter there was never a P70.
This pistol was used on the MC500Lb & 1,000Lbs Bombs
arming time approx 13 vane revolutions , it took 15 revolutions to become fully unscrewed

DATA FROM British bomb and Rocket Pistols and Fuzes By David Andrews and Alan Swan

That,s a great looking addition to your collection
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Ive no listing for CRB, is that C possibly a poorly struck O? in which case it could be Orb Engineering Works of Manchester (but turned worked wasnt their line of business). An asterisk after the Mark normally signifies a post production modification.

RML could either be R.O.F. Maltby or Richard M Lord Ltd of Birmingham. The latter was a lock manufacturer and experienced in working with brass.


Tim. G
Very nice item. hope there are more like that one out there... Unfortunately I tend to find them in this condition
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P75 Mk 2

Hello! I have a Fuze P75 Mk 2. can to me someone say which the difference to the other one am? Are grateful over each info. Greeting Harry


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Hi Harry the difference in the P75 Mk3 pistol and the Mk2 in having 2 grooves in the striker and holes through the arming spindle for the release of gas given off by the detonator

Data from British Bomb and Rocket Pistols and Fuzes by David Andrews and Alan Swan

According to David Andrews & Alan Swan excellent publication (British Bomb and Rocket Pistols and Fuzes) The difference between the MkI and MkII is not known. The Mk.III differs from the I + II by having two grooves on the striker and holes through the arming spindle web to allow gas release.

If the creep spring holder is of die cast manufacture "M & R" would suggest it was manufactured by Manley & Regulus Ltd. of Birmingham.


Hi John
That looks very dodgy ! where was it dug up from ? i take it was quickly put into kit form
Hello Tim

You seem to have a lot of knowledge about different contractor's monograms. Is it writen down anywhere? Al Swan and I haven't covered that in our book and it might be an interesting addition.....


Dave Andrews (aka eodda)