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No82 Grenade


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The No82 or \"GAMMON\" grenade entered service in May 1943
It consists of a stockinette bag with a allways fuze.The bag was filled with plastic explosives or similar in whatever quantity was required
Another drawing from other manual, specifying \"painted red\".
You can put up to 750 grams off plastick Expl. in it and use it to blown off Tracks from Tanks.
And it is not like a sticky bomb because it dosn't stick on the tank.

cheers Mad B)
Here is a couple of quick pics of my one, all original and INERT of course. The brown finish is varnish and not rust ! note the very short arming tape, only used on No 82 Gammon Grenades. Also widely used by US forces due to it's ability to be packed with various amounts of PE and whatever scrap was available. Tony.
Nice pices Tony they are hard to come bye mine is in two pices only the bag and the fuze the metal ring is gone :(
Cheers Mad B)
Thanks MAD, I saw one in this condition for sale last year at a big militaria fair here in the UK for 450 or 606 euro at today's exchange rate ! :laugh: I have had this one for years, it is one of my favourite items. Tony.
NOMENCLATURE: Grenade, Hand, No.82, (The Gammon Grenade)



TYPE: Anti Tank, Percussion



PRINCIPAL DESIGN FEATURES: A Stockinette bag open at both ends. The bottom end is gathered by an elastic band. The top is rivetted in four places to a steel cup and tinplate fuze housing, to the underside of which screws an aluminium primer tube with perforated CE pellet. A No.247 Always fuze with 4 inchs of tape replacing the usual 11.5 inch tape, is screwed into the housing. When required,
the user packed the bag with plastic explosives.

MARKING: The steel cup is painted buff. The safety cap top of the No.247 fuze is painted red.


1 May 1943 June 1954

2 Sep 1944 As for Mk.1 but rot proof June 1954
material in bag.

Later manufacture returned to the use of
the normal 11.5 inch tape, since the 4 inch
variety was too dangerous.
replacing the millboard washer with
a steel one was proposed to overcome
Grenade, Hand, No.82

The Mark 1 grenade is now obsolescent and was replaced by the Mark 1/1 which differs from it in having the stockinette bag, elastic braid and sewing cotton rot proofed to make it suitable for use in the tropics.

Grenade, Hand, No. 82, Mark I

This grenade is designed for rapid arming by the use of a shortened tape on the fuze No. 247. It was formerly known as the Gammon Bomb, and is used by Airborne forces mainly for anti tank work, though it has a general anti personnel application.

The body is a stockinette bag, the top of which is clamped between the tinplate fuze housing and the steel cup by rivets. An aluminium primer tube is secured to a tinplate securing cap which screws on to the underside of the fuze housing. The bag is gathered at its base by an elastic band to assist in holding the charge of P.E. when this is inserted.

The grenade is fuzed with fuze No. 247, wound with a 4 1/2 inch tape in place of the usual 12 inches, and the top of the safety cap is painted red, to indicate this fact. The primer tube carries a perforated C.E. pellet under a felt washer and there is a small felt disc at the base of the hole to protect the detonator when this is inserted in preparing the grenade for use. The detonator is the No. 78 Mark 1, a short No. 27 type.

Action. The grenade is prepared by inserting the detonator in the primer tube, open end towards the fuze, then screwing the primer tube on to the fuze housing. P.E. is then packed into the bag and the safety cap removed. On throwing, the action is the same as for the No. 69 grenade (see paras. 7 and 8).

Marking. The steel cup is painted buff and the top of the safety cap, red. The number of the grenade and its mark, empty details and fuzed lot number are stencilled on the steel cup.

Packing. The following components are packed in a steel box G.70 fitted with packing shields:

40 empty grenade bodies, fuzed, in four tins.
40 filled primer tubes in four tins.
40 detonators, No. 78, Mk. I, in four tins.

Dimensions of box .. 19.15 in. x 8.34 in, x 7.85 in.
Weight filled .. 32 lb.
I have to say that i had never heard of one of these until my young nephew asked me if i had one in my collection?
I asked where had he heard of these,and he told me its in a game on his PS3.i think he said `call of duty` or something similar??