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Northover Projector


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Does anyone have any photos or drawings of the percussion caps and propelling charge used in the Northover Projector ?
Here's the pic!
Top man Andy ! it's just what I was looking for, give yourself a pat on the back :woohoo: is this a scan from a magazine or similar ? thanks again, Tony.
Yes Tony,it's from Britain At War Magazine,issue one from May 2007.

There's lots of info on the gun,its development,etc.

Is Britain At War still available as it was my relations that developed this gun
Merv Northover
Hi, Thats interesting ! you should be able to get back isues from thier website. Tony.
Just bumped this because I have found a tin for the caps with label but empty. Can anyone tell me the size of No. 110 percussion caps, I presume they were very small ?
Still looking for a propelling charge, must be one going spare out there ?