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Northover Projector


Does any body know of a Northover Projector on display in the UK, or where it might be possible to obtain drawings.I know it's only a piece of drain pipe but a friend of mine would like to make one. thanks.
Hi :)

I have a question about the origins of Northover Projector. Reading about this weapon I found a person named Chester Beatty. In one of the files in National Archives there is even some talk about Chester Beatty mortar, and on http://www.mininghalloffame.org/inductee.asp?i=144&b=inductees.asp&t=n&p=b&s= I found "During World War II, Chester Beatty became one of Winston Churchill’s backroom advisers on raw materials supply. He was also the driving force behind the development of the Northover gun, the artillery of the Home Guard.". So, who was the designer of the Northover Projector? Northover or Beatty? And what did Beatty to do with this weapon? Sorry about all those questions, but I am becoming a little desperate :)