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Oerlikon 20x110RB 20mm fuses INERT


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Here we have five nose fuses for the WW2 British issue 20mm Oerlikon 20x110RB cannon round I believe but not 100% sure. Three are brass, unfired (inert of course) have perfect threads and strip down into three parts. The inner retaining ring has a left hand thread. One is aluminium, has no internals, but also has a left and thread on the inside, again unfired and great condition. The last one is solid steel and a bit of a relic, it has been painted blue, I presume this was a PRF. Are these of use to anyone ? if so, make me an offer. Tony
I was thinking of them as a set but if anyone just needs one let me know.
Two brass fuses now sold. only one brass, and aluminium cap and steel plug left, thanks, Tony.