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Off the beaten trail


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Through decon and clearing out of the work-site, a few hundred kilometers south of Siberia. Pete, that's your good buddy beside me doing his best supermodel head flip, he did well on his first trip out with the new crew. Been a long trip and it will be good to get home for a few days and go someplace where I can get a burger.


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I've about had my fill for one trip.


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Ah ...yeachhh...:tinysmile_cry_t2: you must have lost weight. Thank god we have "descent"" food over here.
DJ, you mean McDonalds, or croquettes?
I bet you are missing the croquettes now. I would also bet you guys almost wish the Japanese had spent a lot of time in Mexico, or Italy, or almost anywhere else.
Both in fact. Allthough I prefer a good Kroket with mustard over Mcdonalds. Will you ber there on the 25th in Landhorst? I'll buy you one of Ria's to help you to regain some weight. :tinysmile_shy_t:
Thanks DJ, I'll stick to the bratwurst, not that I need to regain anything - I've enough mass now that my empty coke cans remain in orbit around my gut for 5 days.

I sincerly hope to be at Landhorst, but I cannot confirm it yet, my schedule is a shambles. I've been in 25 countries so far this year and I've got another trip back here in October, plus Italy, Australia and Japan still someplace on the schedule. I'm hoping for some downtime to just relax, bs a little and look at bullets without wearing rubber for a change. Hope to see you there.

- John, I've got a piece i'll try and post in a bit, so far I'm pretty stumped. Its especially frustrating for me because it's in two of my specialty areas, a submunition and with CW characteristics. I'm away from my library, but I've never seen anything like it, other than bits and pieces. More later, JO
Always look forward to a new challenge and a new piece of technology.

For curiousitys sake would one normally serve Fido with red or white wine? Possibly a cold beer or a shot of whiskey...Dano
The locals seem to prefer a liquor made with a blend of 1,2 or three animal penis (penii?) The cost goes up accordingly. It also comes in delightful cremes that keep your skin young and fresh! There's nothing like a good helping of deer placenta to make my tattoos glow.

Lest someone get the wrong idea, while the diets may vary a bit, the people are great. The folks here are actually very easy to work with, we have much more in common than most realise. They worry about putting food on the table, sending their kids to school and getting their jewels blown off if they pick up the wrong projectile. Not so different.

As far as the dietary variations, anyone ever been to Scotland? How about Tennessee? I've seen plenty of good old boys munching down on Mountain Oysters and Hog Fries without a second thought. They just don't put them in fancy boxes and sell them at the Memphis airport for $30 a pop.....


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New kid on the team

Glad to hear he did well Jeff, seems i taught him good!! :xd: