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Old Antique Shop Find !

Mike P.

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We decided to go “exploring” yesterday and took a day trip through upstate NY on every small backroad we could find. Of course …I stopped at every Antique Store I saw.
I hit it lucky ..I found one old Store where the owner said he refuses to buy a Computer --he liked the old way of doing things , I liked his “Old” prices.
Here’s what I found and all for $50 --


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A Garage Sale turned this up for $10


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I’ll admit that as soon as I saw that 75 .. ..”it” crossed my mind. So , I carefully lifted the Shell and saw that the primer was gone . … that still left the Projectile. But , you know how we Collectors think so, I did the right thing ..I heard the $50 price for everything , paid him quick --and ran out the door.:angel:
He called after me and said he has 3 Nazi Iron Crosses and some other “stuff” but he’ll dig them out this week . I gave him my number ..who knows if he’ll really call. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to find that shop again.
Walked to the Car and tried spinning the parts .(it seemed light).everything is fine and very complete


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Nice funds you lucky bugger :bigsmile:

I wish I was that lucky....
Yup , it was a great day for sure. These WW1 75mm's have a reputation around here. Years ago West Point had a huge battle with Fires and many of the old 75's that were buried started blowing up ..which freaked out the Firefighters so , no one really wanted to go in an fight it on foot .
They spent a lot cleaning them up --
I'm very happy with the 37mm's ..everything is nicely marked as well.
Now the fun stuff ...cleaning off the years of crud :tinysmile_shy_t:


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