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old case reworked??


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Hi Lads,

my pal tells me that this is an old case that has been reworked.The question is why??
My guess that it has been used in a later life as a blank for one of those guns such as when you see them on telly firing at twelve noon or a similar event?


Man alive!,does that mean ive correctly ID`d a non-german piece of ordnance at last?:p

cheers for the additional pic A.

Well done Waff, it only took you 1330 posts! :laugh:

Could they be new manufacture rather than reworks?

:laugh: :laugh: Thanks for that Q!!

I thought re-work as im sure these sized cases were used a lot of years ago?


The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery still use the guns for Royal salutes and ceremonial occasions.

Reissued cases would have the old infomation barred out.

Wonder how much your case cost the tax payer!

A lot of these cases turned up a few years ago in scrapyards all bearing fairly new production dates.
The old guns still function well but the "Brass" can only stand so much use, so every decade or two they have to have a "run" of old 13 pounder cases for "ceremonial" use.
Im surprised that any made it to the scrap yard (might be that they are modern thus lack the appeal)). These cases were/are misappropriated as mementos long before they got anywhere near their life. Apparently, the situation was so dire a number of years back that the C.O. made it very clear that anyone found in unlawful possession of a case, regardless of their rank would be court martialed

13pdr Cart.

Howdy Guys,

The cases you have pictured are manufactured for use in the Queens artillery 13pdr Field guns when firing ceremonial salutes.

I have seen one which beloged to an Army WO2 who did some work in England & was presented with one as a going away present.

Needless to say he did not want to part with it. A very worthwhile collectable case!