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Old grenade and bomb fuze


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Some more stuff we pulled from the box. It's a box of old WWI and WWII ordnance were trying to ID.


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I can safely tell you that the fuze in pic 4 and 5 is a type 17A long delay german ww2 fuze.
Seen better days but always intersting to see. :)


did the germans make a 50kg, if so thats might be the bomb i have

Ooooh! now my ears have pricked up! :)
Germans did a 50 kilo and a range of bombs up to 1800 kilo if im correct?
Have you pics of it or is the bomb pictured earlier the one of which you speak?
Thats deffo ww1.


the german fuze came out of a unknown 50kg we thought it was British because it was sitting next to an old british 50 kg bomb from WWII
Hi i think the grenade looks like a French WW1 OF 1 grenade but iam sure someone will either confirm or deny it Dave
The biggest German aircraft dropped bomb was the Max that weighed 2,500 kg and only one sqdn was allowed to drop them.