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old mortar tube


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we have an old mortar tube we can't ID. we donot have a base plate for it.


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There is a guy in your part of the country that collects mortars, and would probably know. Contact US-SUBS for his contact info. I don't have it handy.
He's coming by today to root through the Bombatorium, we'll discuss it then.
Finnish Smoke mortar

The following is a quote from the Jaegerplatoon.net website:
"During World War 2 most armies opted to use their mortars in firing both high-explosive shells and smoke shells, but for some reason Finnish Army decided to acquire smoke throwers designed especially for this task. While these smoke throwers could fire only smoke shells in technical sense they were mortars. As usual before actual production several prototypes were manufactured. The resulting weapon was basically a cheaper and lighter version of existing 81-mm mortar. It had the usual structure based to Stokes mortars: Barrel, bipod and base plate. Instead of mortar directors used for aiming normal mortars they had simple elevation meter, which roughly showed the elevation setting. Smoke throwers were structurally too light to fire high explosive shells. Two versions of these 81-mm smoke throwers were manufactured in large numbers".

The mortar tube shown in your post looks very similar to the Finnish smoke mortar, particularly at the base cup ignition mechanism and the elevation indicator. I think that yours is one of the Finnish Savunheiten.