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operation restoration French WW1 p1 pear grenade

Hi all, I got this French WW1 P1 pear grenade in the post this morning from smle2009 (thanks Tony). In pic 1 you can see that body has cracks all around the grenade body. Now what I do in a case like this is overfill cracks with spackling, then heat with blowtorch (this dries spackle in about 30 seconds) then sand spackle down, then body is ready to paint (pic 2). 3 coats of gloss lacquer later you end up with a restored body (pic 3). total time invested about 45 minutes. I have not decided to do with spoon as is is kind of "cacked". Debating on fitting body with m1916 French percussion fuze as they were also made in that configuration..Dano


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nice job there mate looks nice and old,not too new!
I dont like restoration jobs that make an object look new as it can make it look fake.
p.s...WTF is spackling?is it found on bacon?
Hi doug, Thanks for nice comments, spackling is a form of plaster repair compound. I like it becase it is light and sands off very easily. The type I use is in liquid form in a tune and goes by the name Nail Hole Patch..Dano
keeping spoon

Hi Paul, Yes I have decided to go ahead and repair the spoon. The attachment ear of spoon on rear (camming part) is gone. I have some sheet aluminum which I think i'll cut the ear to same size as front ear and affix it with epoxy, fill in the seam and I think that'll work okay..Dano
finished P1

I just finished up the P1 Pear grenade. I decided to stick with the spoon. After some solder work I got the spoon repaired and fitted to grenade pretty good, then fashioned a safety wire...Dano


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all you need now is the streamer and lead seal that goes on the wire or string safety. and if you are feeling adventurous have a go at the little safety clip that goes under the cams and is held by the string/wire.
see pic.
cheers, paul.


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This is far as I go. I figure it is pretty presentable now and that's all I was after. Hell, I don't like the sprinkles on my ice cream either. it actually looks better than the one I used to have that was in better condition. I'll leave all the extra trim stuff to more discriminating collectors..Dano
Nice job Dan,
grenade certainly went to a good home,look forward to seeing what you do to the No20!
Cheers Tony
whats that stuff called again??
'hoe hole patch??!! ha ha
Finished p1 pear

Well the spoon was rotten to point of falling apart, so decided to convert it to percussion fuze model. I fashioned an adaptor then used a .44 cal casing to simulate the percussion cap..Dano


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