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Ordnance Board etc


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Following my laconic note giving a date for the demise of the Board of Ordnance someone showed interest in other Ordnance 'committees' related in some way to the Ordnance Board. Herewith (with thanks to Norman Skentelbury). Not included are a host of special committees and committees on Small Arms, Royal Artillery etc., or the numerous WW1 committees of Trench Warfare etc.

The batting order went something like this:

The Board of Ordnance 1597 - 1855

The Select Committee 1805 - 1851 (of Arty officers to give opinions on inventions)

The Select Cttee of Artillery Officers 1852 - 1855 (similar to above)

The Ordnance Select Cttee 1855 - 1859 (adding Navy ordnance and with a Small Arms sub cttee)

The Revised Ordnance Select Cttee 1859 - 1869 (similar to above)

Between 1869 and 1880 ten Special Cttees various subjects including Explosive Substances (1869), Machine Guns & Machine Arms (1879), Ordnance (1879), Friction Tubes (1880), Rockets.

The Council of Ordnance 1869 - 1904 (included investigation of claims of inventors)

The Ordnance Cttee 1881 - 1907

The Explosives Cttee 1888 - 1891

The Second Explosives Cttee 1900 - 1908

The Ordnance Research Board 1906 - 1907

The Ordnance Board 1908 - 1915

The Ordnance Cttee 1915 - 1938

It just looks like a boring list but for those wishing to research British Ordnance the minutes of these committees or their reports (especially those to Parliament) are invaluable. A great deal is available in The National Archives (UK) and the online parliamentary papers if you have suitable access rights.