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Ordnance, QF, Automatic, 37mm, 1 1/4 Pr


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The attached Vickers Dwg 11456G of their 1 1/4 Pounder might be of interest to Gordon, Dave, and Tony W.
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Another Vicker Dwg showing the Gun.

These drawings date from circa 1905 and pre-dated any serious aerial threat so 'low angle' would be right by default I expect. The experts will let us know I am sure.


  • 9675g - Ord,QF,Auto,37mm,1.25Pr - 2.JPG
    9675g - Ord,QF,Auto,37mm,1.25Pr - 2.JPG
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Hi Norman, thanks for that ones. Now all I need to do is find a round for one.
1 1/4 pdr.

The cases are the same as the better known 1 1/2pdr. The 1 1/4Pr. cases are shown in drawings to be marked 1 1/4 Pr. (case size is37x126r). But I suspect they aren't or weren't in reality unless somebody finds one so marked (never heard of one yet). So if you have a VS&M small primer 1 1/2 pdr case with a 1pdr. projectile in it it is a 1 1/4Pr. If the same case has a longer 1 1/2Pr. projectile in it then you have a 1 1/2 Pr. The main difference in the gun would be the length of the feed slot. These are the VS&M equivillant to the Hotchkiss 37x120 Heavy 1pdr. Both have the same rim size but are different in length so they don't interchange. I had a VS&M case and it had the Nordenfelt groove so this case size might predate 1900 and have been offered by Maxim Nordenfelt as well. Of course I'm still chewing myself for not keeping the case !
Attached is a photo of a 1 pounder COW gun round on the left and a selection of 1.5 pounders to the right. What is the general opinion about the 2 rounds to the right of the 1 pounder. Could they be 1.25 pounder rounds?
Both are dummy rounds (see photo of headstamp). The other photo shows the 1 pounder COW next to the (possible) 1.25 pounder. The one I think is a 1.25 pounder is longer as would be expected.
Are they or aren't they?


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