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ORIGINAL Paint, Or Not ORIGINAL? That is the question

Kilroy was Here

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Hello! pics of M39 Egg. What do think about the paint on the body? Is the paint Original, or not? I have never seen a carry ring painted before? I am not concerned with the fuse, I feel it is 100%, I would like opinions of the body paint.

On late war Egg grenades, did they still use the Red primer? OR did that depend on company that manufactured it? I do not see any primer on this grenade.

Regards, Steve


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that ones rubbish....its repainted and if its the one I think it is its being marketed as original paint?.Hang on...just had a better look, its not the grenade I had seen for sale a few days ago, it looks a bit new for my liking but without a hands on inspection I will have to withdraw my previous statement and not write it off to soon. as for primer it varied from manufacturer to manufacturer just like with the M24s and there were plenty of those that never had any primer
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Hi, that is what I thought also. They also never painted the rings on them, I think. It is the one you are probably thinking about. I emailed him for more pics. Regards, Steve