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oss training films


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I just discovered this site while searching for information on the spigot tree gun. Fabulous!! I just watched an OSS training film on the spigot gun, fascinating!! Haven't looked through the entire site yet, but I expect to spend a fair amount of time there. Highly recommended!!:party::party:

Tree Spigot

Brilliant find Darryl, well done. TimG asked if it was a British version of the Tree Spigot in the film. The SOE asked the Americans to help with production and although the OSS were initially not very interested they changed their minds when the possibilities of the Tree Spigot were fully understood - the fact that it was silent for instance. They designed an "improved" version, two improvements are mentioned in Brunner's book, a better support for the mounting and a much better sight. This is all I know about American model but I do know the British version and would say that the Tree Spigot in the film is subtly different at the base so it could be the American version. The sight is identical to the British pattern so is probably British.

I posted a version of the British Tree Spigot a while back it is at
so you can make your own mind up.