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P. 59


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"Female worker Pauline Renard stencils a case of 25-pounder shells ready for shipment at the Cherrier or
Bouchard plants of the Defense Industries Limited. "July 1944 Montral, Quebec

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Size: Length 19.15" Breadth 7.85" Depth 8.5"

Used for:
25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, H.E.
Number Packed: 4
Gross weight: 115 lbs
25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, Chem
Number Packed: 4
Gross weight: 96 lbs
25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, Smoke
Number Packed: 4
Gross weight: 104 lbs
Grenades No. 68
Number Packed: 17
Gross weight: 50 lbs
Bomb, hand incendiary 1 1/4-lb
Number Packed: 24
Gross weight: 46 lbs​
nice thread ,just picked up a p59 at a boot sale for 2 so happy with that ,just got to find some inserts and 4 projectiles now ,gues that may involve a little more expense, Nigel
I have two P59 boxes, one has on the lid P59 II T.S.C.-C 1944 and the other P50 Mk 2 CMC 1945. (the latter very rusty and being restored)
The 1944 box still retains beautiful markings for the 25Pdr HE shells while the 1945 dated does show remnants of markings but further cleaning will hopefully show what they were.

In the Consolidated List of Containers there is only the P59. I was wondering whether a P59 Mk1 existed as well and if so was it used for the same as the Mk2?