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Paint Service Brown No 2


Ordnance approved
I want to repaint some ammo boxes, does anyone know where I can obtain some correct brown paint?
Service Brown is BS 381C no 499. A proper paint supplier(notB&Q or Wickes !) should be able to make this up for you. I expect you will have to buy a minimum of 1 litre. This should be enough for a good few ammo boxes ! Tony.


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If yo go to your local vehicle paint supplier they should be able to do it in an aerosol.
What boxes are you repainting?
Cheers, Hangarman
Just got back to this :) Tomorrow I am splurging out on hiring a van and going to my local supllier to buy 105 x C.236 boxes. I will be repainting them as 6pr 7cwt boxes dated 1940s. I'm hoping to get them ready for Beltring.