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PAK 36 shells to be restored


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Just found some PAK36 3,7cm shells, with AP and bursting rounds which are to be restored as part of the collection.
I am EOD trained and these are been dealt with by EOD professionals


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ciao dear
these are not 3.7cm pak 36, but italian 47/32 AT gun
HE M35

greetings from italy
I only have this information on Italian 47/32 ammunition if it is any use.
These images should be used as a guideline only as i cannot confirm how accurate the information is


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this is first time that i met any of mentioned types and i have never seen any of them except on pics. generally i meet wwii items extremely rarely.
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Nobody is perfect, mate :smile: I never would challenge the depth and breadth of competence of an EOD
Yes, live and learn, he who asks is not dumb

When I was in EOD training (EOD 2 and EOD1), it was mainly for modern ordnance, old ones were dealt only one day.
I have been doing this job for some years and I believe there is a lot of things to learn yet.
There has been so many guys who think they know everything.... some of them are dead.