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PaK 37 round


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Hi fellas,
here is one i picked up at the weekend.I paid a bit over the odds for it in a deal with a KwK40 but hey,win some,lose some!

The case has some nice ink left on..

pic in next post,oops!
..here we are!....
Hi Stiel!,good to hear from you again pal!,

ive not removed the proj yet.They are only hot off the press yesterday!;)


Nice round Waff, you may be lucky and find it has the base fuze/tracer element when you pull the head. Fingers crossed although they are out there to buy just a little expensive.
Good find though. Weasel
The reason I ask is I am a bit worried you might have a 3,7cm Flak AP projectile in a Pak case.

Easy to tell by the area below the drive band and the drive band looks like the Flak one.
I hate being the bearer of bad news but I haven't ever seen a Pak AP with the narrow drive band.

To be 100% you need to see the crimped part.
Righto Stiel,is no probs.I know the seller and will be able to get a refund or get it corrected.
i will get Mick to make a puller at work.


Excellent picture Andy.
I was hoping someone would have a good comparison picture.

Btw Waff I have been told by a german friend that the 6331(star) headstamp was made for the export market. The 3,7cm PAK Sprenggranatpatrone made for the Greeks.

So a very nice case to add to your collection.